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The quality of our products, combined with our generous after-care services and accessible finance options, allows us to speak truly when we say that High-Tech Windows offer a home improvement service that outclasses the competition in almost every single way. We offer all sorts of double glazing products that will bring your home into the 21st century or build upon it’s traditional charm, depending on your personal preference. Modern windows will offer incredible thermal efficiency, our sturdy doors will protect your home from intruders, and our extensions will expand your living space and increase the value of your property. Contact our specialist team now or read on to find out more.


Our selection of high-quality windows is available in a variety of designs, styles and materials, with uPVC and aluminium options available. Modern double glazing is crafted in sets of dual-glass panels that are separated by a vacuum-seal. This serves to keep cold air from penetrating your home, while also acting as an efficient thermal barrier to keep the existing heat from escaping. This means lower heating bills for you. These products can be installed in one of many configurations, from our standard casement layout to the versatility of our tilt and turns, or our classical looking sash windows. Whatever design you select, you will also be able to customise the colour and hardware modifications, and at the same time lecan expect to benefit from soundproofed profiles and ecologically friendly materials.


Our incredible door designs can be customised to fit any home. Our French doors bring a beautiful European aesthetic to your property, while our patio doors and bifold doors let in an extraordinary amount of light with their slim sight-lines and large glass panes. If you’re after simplicity however, the one of our residential front doors or composite doors are just what you need. For a modern touch why not upgrade with our aluminium doors & aluminium bifold doors range. Simplicity doesn’t mean that you don’t experience the quality that can be expected of modern double glazing though. Our doors are designed to stand tall in the face of blistering heat and howling winds and will protect you from unwanted visitors and the damaging effects of condensation. In fact, many of our doors have been officially recognised by the UK police as Secured by Design.


If you want to make the most of your available room, then consider one of our double glazed conservatories. Designed to act as the perfect summer space, these examples of quality double glazing add a whole new room to your home, greatly increasing its value and giving you a new space in which to build an office, lounge or summer getaway. With three distinct conservatory roofs to choose from, namely the Livin Roof, and Ultra Roof 380, High-Tech conservatories are some of the most customisable around. The conservatories themselves can be styled in any one of a number of layouts. The Victorian and Edwardian styles are the most recognisable, but why not head over to our conservatories page and explore the rest of our range?   Solid Roof Skylight Gloucestershire


Orangeries make for a classy alternative to the standard conservatory design. Combining double glazing with brick columns, this design still lets in lots of light while also managing to blend in more subtly with the rest of your home. Orangeries are fast becoming a popular choice in modern homes and look particularly eye-catching when fitted with one of our lantern roofs.

Single Storey Extensions

On the other hand, if you’d rather go all the way and simply expand your home, we can also help you with that. These are guaranteed to increase the price of your house, since you’ll be drastically increasing the overall size of your property. If you have an outdated conservatory or orangery and aren’t sure how to proceed, one of these incredible feats of double glazing might be the right choice.


Porches are essentially mini-extensions that sit around your front door. While a small addition in the grand scheme of home improvements, they build character on a property and also offer a number of unique features that make them worthy of consideration. Any shoe cupboards or coat racks are well placed in these rooms, and the customised double glazing utilised in their construction provides a welcoming allure.

Secondary Glazing

If you have existing windows that make use of single glazing, then you may be suffering from an inefficient product. Double glazing traps heat behind dedicated vacuum-sealing, something which simply isn’t possible with regular glass. Our secondary glazing fitting is therefore suited to older homes or period properties, since we simply reinforce your existing windows.

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