Year-Round Space

Through investing in our conservatories for your Gloucester home, you’ll add space you can enjoy throughout the year. For homeowners that cannot afford to move but need the extra living space, these extensions offer the best solution. We fit our variety of uPVC windows, uPVC doors and aluminium windows and doors into the design. You’ll get to enjoy all the benefits associated with these products and get full use of your conservatory.

With our conservatories, you’ll be able to make full use of the space throughout the year. In the cold winter months, the extension will not become an icebox. In the warm summer months, you won’t be left with the greenhouse effect. The modern uPVC and aluminium double glazing products will maintain a comfortable temperature year-round.

As heat is trapped within our conservatories year-round, you won’t need to use excess central heating. This will lead to your energy bills to reduce, freeing up more money for you to spend on the things you enjoy. As you consume less energy, the carbon footprint of your property will reduce.

Conservatory Styles that we offer

High-Tech Windows offer the Gloucester homeowner several conservatories inspired by classic architecture. The Victorian Conservatory is one of the most popular designs we install across Gloucestershire. The flexible design allows it to be extended into other designs, such as the P-shape & T-Shape. You won’t be limited with just white, with the uPVC and aluminium products available in a range of different colour options.

The second traditional design is our Edwardian Conservatories, distinguishable through the elegant design. The four-sided pitched roof is linked to Edwardian architecture. Despite looking traditional, it offers a modern twist.

The Edwardian design is versatile, allowing it to be easily fitted into any Gloucester home. For homeowners that want more space from their conservatories, the Edwardian profile is ideal. The simple shape offers a functional space that is easy to furnish. The Gloucestershire homeowner can upgrade most of our conservatory designs with super-insulated columns, an internally insulated pelmet, decorative cornices and a central lighting panel.

The Gable Conservatory is one of the most impressive conservatories on the market. This design is an excellent addition to any property, coming in either square or rectangular shapes. This creates a functional design that offers a grand complement to your home.
The glazing panes within the design of our conservatory will let you flood your Gloucester home with light. This lets you create the illusion of more space at your property. You can choose from a range of colours, letting you get an extension that will reflect the style and personality of your property.

Add a taste of the Mediterranean to your Gloucester home with our range of Lean-To Conservatories. If you have minimal space at your home, the design sits easily below the roofline, even at bungalows. Compared to other conservatories, the lean-to doesn’t take up space within your garden, letting you enjoy the available space.

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Quality Guaranteed

It’s important that when buying a conservatory, you have complete peace of mind you’re getting the best quality for your Gloucester home. That’s why we accompany all our conservatories with a 10-year guarantee on parts and labour in the conservatory design. This guarantee is covered by insurance, so should we cease trading, or something goes wrong with the product, your guarantee will remain valid. Our insurance policies are administered by the Independent Warranty Association

Payment Options

Affording a brand new conservatory can be an expensive task. That’s why the Gloucester homeowner can choose from three different payment options. These include:

Conservatory Prices Gloucester

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