Composite Doors Installed in Gloucester & Surrounding Areas

Composite doors are durable, thermally efficient and beautifully crafted. Able to warm your home naturally in tandem with the latest double glazing, High-Tech’s range of composite doors are the go-to choice for any Gloucester homeowner and are guaranteed to wow your visitors with their stunning visual appeal. Reach out to our teams or read on to find out more.

The most popular choice of exterior door in the UK, our composite doors combine the beauty of natural wood-grain designs with the practically and benefits of modern composite materials. Whether you live in a period property or a modern building, our doors will fit in, and they’re designed to last for years to come with durable profiles that can withstand the worst weathers.

Composite Doors Gloucester

High-Tech Composite Doors: Premium Quality Products

Maximum Security

One of the most important aspects of any door is the level of security it can bring to your home, and our composite doors are no exception to this rule. We consider the level of protection our doors provide to be exceptional and worthy of note, and we take extra steps in our manufacturing process to make sure that the composite materials that go into crafting your door are optimised for strength.

Intricate multi-point locking mechanisms combine with durable double glazing to keep your home safe from any and all unwanted visitors. In the meantime, modern doors are also designed to protect you from the adverse effects of the British weather. Wind, rain, snow and more are problems of the past when you choose High-Tech’s composite doors.



Thermal Efficiency

Windows aren’t the only part of your home that are designed to maintain a steady temperature. Your door plays a vital role in the warming of your property, and an ill-fitted or meekly-designed product can fall prone to cold ingress and unwanted draughts. Our composite doors are the answer; crafted from an amalgamation of the best of multiple materials, the resulting design keeps you warm.

By trapping heat behind vacuum-sealed double glazing and preventing the cold air from penetrating your home with tight seals, our composite doors will quickly show you why High-Tech are one of Gloucester’s number one installers when it comes to modern home improvements. A warmer home also means a more cost-effective one, as natural warmth reduces your reliance on central heating.

Customisable Composites

Everybody wants their home to act as a reflection of their personal sense of style, and when you choose to work with High-Tech you’re given control as to what sort of design you want your new composite doors to inhabit. We have a variety of colours on offer so that you can match your new door with your home, and a variety of hardware modifications that offer plenty of options.

We have lots of other considerations for you to look over as well. Whether you want a specific colour design, or maybe want to install a decorative glazing panel for added ‘Wow!’ factor, we’ll be happy to help. Head over to our showroom to see some of our composite doors in person.

composite doors gloucester

Why Work with High-Tech?

There are a number of reasons why you should choose High-tech as your installer of choice when it comes to modern composite doors. Here are a few things that you can get when working with our team:

After-Care Services

High-Tech are an installer that cares. We don’t just install our products and then leave you without any support; we provide a generous after-care service that overshadows competing companies. Our after-care team handle all enquiries relating to the ten-year warranty that covers all of our windows, doors and conservatories. In the meantime, relax and enjoy your new composite doors.

Finance Options

We understand that sometimes a simple, straight-up payment isn’t possible. To that end, we happily provide three distinct finance options on all our windows, doors and conservatories, including our incredible selection of composite doors. From low-rate monthly payments and interest free credits to our buy now, pay later scheme, we’ll have the perfect payment method for you.

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