What is a Flush Casement Window?

For the Cheltenham or Gloucester homeowner, it can be difficult to know what windows to get, particularly if you’re replacing old windows. If it’s an older property, it can be hard to know what window you can choose that not only maintains the traditional character but offers 21st-century benefits. That’s where flush casement windows are ideal.

You may have heard of the term flush casement windows, or flush sash windows, or windows that sit flush within the frame. But it can be difficult to know what it means. That’s why the High-Tech Windows team has put together this help and advice article to give you the lowdown on Flush Casement Windows and how they could be the best fit for your home.

Flush Casement Windows

What is it?

Quite simply, flush casement windows are windows that are designed to have the sash sit flush within the frame. Unlike newer windows that protrude from the exterior wall, this window has frames that are flat with the building’s exterior wall. This gives the Cheltenham homeowner a smooth exterior facade for their home and epitomises the period charm of the property.

The flush finish of flush casement windows takes its inspiration from traditional timber windows. Some installers of flush sash windows will offer windows that perfectly mimic the traditional timber joinery, with the handles, stays and hardware designed to look like timber windows of old. Unlike timber, the uPVC frame offers a great performance for your property!

Flush Casement uPVC windows

Traditional Look, Modern Performance

The importance of a flush finish for your windows should not be underestimated. Modern flush casement windows provide all the benefits of uPVC. The multi-chambered frame will increase the insulation of your Cheltenham or Gloucester home, creating a warmer space throughout the year.

The flush finish of our flush casement windows provides excellent weather resistance. Multi-point locking is fitted across the frame as standard, eliminating any potential weak points which could be exploited. This means the Cheltenham or Gloucester homeowner can feel safe and secure within their property.

uPVC Flush Casement Windows Price

Perfect Timber Replacement

For homeowners looking to replace old timber or steel windows, the flush casement window is a great alternative. This window can be decorated in a woodgrain foil, offering a wood look. You won’t, however, be left with the same high maintenance issues that the product provided. Instead, you’ll enjoy long-lasting use for years to come.

Flush Casement

Not Just For Older Properties

Despite being inspired by traditional timber joinery, flush casement windows are a great choice for modern Cheltenham and Gloucestershire homes. At these properties, flush casement windows add character. For homeowners that don’t want a woodgrain foil, this window can be designed in a bolder colour, making your property stand out.

Flush Casement Window Prices Cheltenham

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