6 traditional front door features that may surprise you

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While they’ve been gracing British homes for centuries there’s been a lot of recent developments made to what we think of as traditional front doors. All of which has helped kicked them up a notch, getting the classic style ready for modern homeowners. Typically engineered in flexible uPVC and fitted by the expert High Tech Windows team, here are 6 traditional front door features that may surprise you:

1. They are prepared to keep you comfortable all year

While the original wood front doors used to be crafted from was always a great insulator, the multi-chambered frames of modern uPVC variants make it easier to trap precious heat. This means that any valuable warmth that would otherwise be able to leave your property is easily retained, allowing you to rely less on artificial heating methods. uPVC front doors maintain a comfortable temperature 365 days a year.

2. There is a wild amount of panel design options

Most people might be tempted to think of uPVC front doors as white and simple, but we’re here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the case. Helping homeowners to more easily make their properties unique, we can fit doors in a wide variety of panel designs. These designs can come to life when combined with the colour of your choosing. Your new front door will be turning heads in no time.

3. They need very little looking after

The beauty of using uPVC over timber is how easy it is to look after by comparison. Once installed, you’ll never need to dedicate vast amounts of time cleaning or maintaining it. No repainting or varnishing is necessary. You can spend more time enjoying your revitalised home and less time tending to it.

4. Thresholds can be adjusted accordingly

At High Tech Windows, we understand that, like their home, every person is different. For this reason, we converse closely alongside homeowners that might have special features to ensure that their front door works for them. A great example of this is with a door’s threshold, which can be lowered for those who need help and wheelchair users.

5. They can achieve Secured By Design accreditation

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their own home. Thankfully, our front doors are able to ensure this thanks to a suite of security features which come together to achieve Secured By Design accreditation. This is a police-backed initiative which indicates that a door can successfully withstand force entry.

6. They can last as long as three decades

When investing in any new type of home improvement endeavour, it’s fair to want that investment to be a worthwhile one. This is most certainly the case with our selection of uPVC front doors which have a general lifespan of 30 years. Your home can stay looking stylish for many years to come.

Traditional front doors tailored for the modern age

As you can see, there’s still plenty of advantages to be reaped when opting for a traditional front door style of entrance. If you’d like to learn more about why, contact the High Tech Windows day for your free quote.

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