Modern windows on a traditional home? Get inspired with our project ideas

You might have thought that if your home is traditional, meaning it’s slightly older than the average house, you’re limited in the kinds of windows you can have installed. Luckily for you and other traditional homeowners, this isn’t always the case. Modern windows can in fact work remarkably well with any manner of household, given that they’re installed to a professional standard. If you don’t believe us, get inspired by reading some of these project ideas!

A cottage with sculptured sash windows

Picture an idyllic stone cottage in the countryside. It looks quaint, right? It could look even better with sculptured sash windows to replace the existing worn out ones. Sculptured sash windows are a great choice for traditional properties because they’re designed to replicate classic style windows but with the added benefits of high-quality modern windows. They’re made with flexible uPVC and require far less maintenance than any traditional alternative.

An older house with aluminium windows

If you’re looking to make your home look less dated, you can’t go wrong with aluminium windows. With their sleek design, they’re sure to make your house stand out and make a bold statement that tells the world you care about your home. They’re available in a wide array of colours which means you can pick the ones that best suit your house.
Aluminium windows are ideal for replacing windows with timber or stone surrounds. It’s not just aesthetic qualities you’ll be gaining however, aluminium windows are great at letting in light thanks to their slim frames and are also thermally efficient, meaning they’re resistant to cold and condensation.

Upgrading your traditional windows to decorative horn windows

If you want windows in the same vein as traditional timber windows but with the added benefits of modern windows, then decorative horn windows are for you. Designed to successfully recreate the look of traditional box sash windows, horn windows merge this classic look with contemporary thermal performance and security levels. It’s the perfect blend of classic design and modern performance and can work well with any home, traditional or modern.

Upgrading to double glazing

If you’d rather keep your current windows but you’re still interested in making an upgrade in thermal efficiency, you should consider having your windows double glazed. Upgrading to double glazing means you’ll be having an extra pane of glass installed with a pocket of argon gas between the new and pre-existing pane. Many older households with outdated windows don’t tend to have double glazing and once you upgrade, you’ll never look back.
Double glazing helps retain the heat within a home because it doesn’t escape through your windows as easily thanks to the argon gas trapping it as it attempts to seep out.

High-Tech Windows

No matter what kind of windows you envision for your home, High-Tech Windows installs only the very best. If it’s more than windows you’re after, we also offer conservatories, doors, and a whole host of other products. To make an enquiry, get in touch through our contact form. To learn more about High-Tech Windows and what we offer, browse our website.

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