How to stop condensation in a conservatory

Edwardian conservatoryFor all the amazing things conservatories can offer, like providing a space that merges the light of your garden with the warmth and comfort of your home, there’s still the occasional thing that might get on your nerves. Whilst pretty much every conservatory is susceptible to condensation, the problem can escalate when the conservatory in question is outdated or was hastily installed. There are steps you can take to reduce both the frequency and impact of condensation affecting your conservatory.

What causes condensation?

Condensation is a process that occurs when water vapour in the air becomes a liquid. The water vapour turns into a liquid because it’s coming into contact with the cool glass of your conservatory, causing the water molecules in the air to form together into water droplets on your glass. The level of water vapour rises through a number of things that cause moisture, like running a warm bath or shower or drying clothes, which in turn leads to more condensation.

Ventilate your home

Edwardian conservatoryOne of the most effective ways to reduce the frequency of condensation within your conservatory is to regularly ventilate your home. Through ventilation, you can reduce the amount of water vapour in the air, which means there’s less chance of water droplets forming on your glass. There’s a number of simple ways to ventilate your home.

Increase the airflow of your conservatory

To reduce the amount of built-up water vapour in the air, you should let some air out of your conservatory. An easy way to do this is to open your conservatory windows for a couple of hours every day. You can also open your conservatory door to the rest of your home, giving the air more space to travel.

Reduce water vapour in the air

You can reduce the levels of water vapour throughout the rest of your home through a number of simple solutions. When you’re having a bath or shower, keep the bathroom window open to let some air escape. Avoid drying your clothes inside your home, if you must dry them inside, avoid doing so in the conservatory. You should also keep a kitchen window open when cooking to reduce the concentration of water vapour in the air.

Install trickle vents and dehumidifiers

There are two useful additions you can add to your home that will massively reduce the frequency and impact of condensation in all areas of your home, conservatory included. Trickle vents are very small openings in windows or doors that allow for small amounts of ventilation. A dehumidifier can be pricey, but they’re designed to pull in the moisture from the air before it can reach the glass of your conservatory.

Reduce the risk of condensation with a conservatory from High-Tech

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