How To Spring Clean Your Conservatory

Spring is fast approaching, and that means it’s almost time for spring cleaning! Whilst it might not be your favourite chore, taking the time to deep clean your home once a year will pay major dividends in the long run. Not only does it help get rid of any dust and grime built up over the last year, but it also helps boost the longevity and lifespan of your home and everything in it.

This also applies to your conservatory. A deep clean inside and out once in a while is essential, and will keep your conservatory looking fresh and functioning fabulously for many, many years to come. Make the absolute most of your home improvements by maintaining them well!

But how to go about cleaning a conservatory? It can seem like a pretty big task, but there’s plenty of tips and tricks we’ve built up over the years that we’re glad to be able to share with you. Keep reading to get the low down on the best ways to keep your conservatory clean and sparkling!

Conservatory Roof Replacement

Cleaning The Inside of Your Conservatory

Cleaning the inside of your conservatory in a lot of ways, is just like cleaning any other room in your house. However, there are a couple of unique bits that will need special attention, namely the glass, the roof, and the blinds (if you have them!).

Because they’re so highly glazed, it’s important to keep your conservatory glass sparkling, inside and out. Diluted white vinegar in a spray bottle is a great choice for windows inside and out!

The roof may seem like a trickier task, but all you really need is a telescopic duster. For more stubborn marks, a dry mop and a spray cleaner will do the trick, without having to balance awkwardly on chairs to reach! For blinds, the most important thing is to get in between every link with a narrow microfibre duster. You can pick up telescopic ones just about anywhere, and they’re worth their weight in gold!

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Cleaning The Outside of Your Conservatory

When it comes to cleaning the outside of a conservatory, there are three main areas to consider: frames, glazing, and guttering. For the frames, if you’ve got an aluminium, uPVC or composite framed conservatory, you’ll be very excited to learn that all you’ll need to do with these frames is give them a quick wipe with a damp cloth! Timber owners aren’t so lucky, but will already be well versed in the demands of a timber structure!

For the glass, it’s a case of window cleaning, exactly the same way as you go about it for the rest of the windows in your home. We love a long handled squeegee to get the full length clean, but we know that many will prefer to get the window cleaners in for this bit!

Don’t forget to clear the gutters around your conservatory (and the rest of your house!), as these need to be cleaned out from time to time so that they can keep doing their thing. Fortunately, as a conservatory is a single story, this is pretty easy to do yourself with a ladder, bin bag, and sturdy pair of rubber gloves!

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