How to Look After New Windows?

When you purchase new windows for your Gloucestershire home, you want them to maintain their good-as-new look for as long as possible. Chances are if you’ve got new windows, your old ones either weren’t performing as good as they should be, or they weren’t maintained and the quality has diminished. That’s why the team at High-Tech has created this helpful article, offering tips and hints on how to look after your new windows.

How to Maintain Your Windows?

Occasional Wipe Down

The best way to look after new windows is to give them an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. Unlike old wooden designs, the modern uPVC and aluminium profiles will continue to retain their quality. Even after constant exposure to the elements, these windows will not bow, warp, twist, flake or crack.

The only maintenance new windows require from the Gloucestershire homeowner is to be wiped down occasionally. All you need is a bowl with warm water, some washing-up liquid and a soft cloth to wipe down the window frames. This will help to maintain the good-as-new look for longer. The colour itself is imbued within the profile, so by regularly maintaining the window, you won’t need to repaint them.

Keeping Seals Clean

Condensation is sometimes an inevitable threat to the window. That’s why it is important that when you notice it build up on your new windows, you immediately clean it off. This will help remove the build-up of mould and help prevent the seals from cracking and breaking up.

How to Maintain Your Windows Gloucestershire?

Regularly Ventilate Your Property

Through regularly ventilating your Gloucestershire home, you’ll prevent damage to your new windows. Even is it is for a short period of time every day, you’ll avoid the damage condensation can cause. It will also allow you to ventilate your home as a whole.

Lubricate the Hinges

To ensure your new windows operate as you expect, you should lubricate the hinges twice a year. Standard lubrication oil can be used to ease the friction of the moving parts. This will allow the Gloucestershire homeowner to continue to use their windows for years to come.

Don’t Use Excessive Force

By not using excessive force when operating your windows locks and handles, you will prevent damage to your window. If you struggle to open the window, look around the frame and check if there are any obstructions. Making sure the lock is clean and hasn’t got a build-up of residue will also help with the function.

How To Maintain Your New Windows?

Remove Excess Dirt

The best way to ensure you maintain the quality of your window is to remove excess dirt. By opening the window fully and using an old brush or duster around the frame, you can loosen dirt, dust or cobwebs that are in there. Then you can vacuum the rest of the dirt to ensure the frame is clean. 

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