How Can My Windows Save Me Money?

In this cold weather, there is nothing worse than feeling that your windows aren’t providing enough insulation. Old single or double glazed windows where the insulation has dwindled or warped timber window frames can be an issue, letting the cold into your Cheltenham home. You may be questioning how you can save money on the high energy bills you’re experiencing, or the cost of the mould spray and kitchen roll you’re having to use to remove damp & condensation. That’s why the team at High-Tech Windows has put together this helpful advice article on How Can My Windows Save Me Money?

How Can My Windows Save Me Money?

Secondary Glazing

A simple way of making your windows save money is to invest in secondary glazing. These panes sit within the existing frames of the windows in your Cheltenham home and do not affect the general appearance of the window. With secondary glazing, you won’t even know it is there.

By investing in secondary glazing for your Cheltenham home, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits. You’ll be adding another barrier to trap in heat and keep out uninvited guests. It also offers a cheaper option than replacing all of your existing windows.

How Can My Windows Save Me Money?

Brand New Windows

Brand new windows are designed with the finest profiles. Many window installers across Cheltenham and Gloucester offer double glazing as standard, with many now offering triple. Through upgrading your windows, you’ll immediately notice the benefits, noticeably increased levels of heat retention, weatherproofing and security.

If you’re replacing older windows, new ones will save you money. As well as retaining natural warmth within your home for longer, you won’t be left carrying out regular high maintenance tasks. The Gloucester homeowner will just be required to give the frame an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to retain the good-as-new look. Investing in new windows will offer you several other benefits, as listed below.

How Can My Windows Save Me Money?

Increased Security

Most window installers will offer you windows that will secure your Cheltenham home against modern burglary methods. More often than not, multi-point locking is fitted across the frame, eliminating any potential weak points which could have been exploited. This gives you the full peace of mind that your Gloucestershire property is secure. It also means that should a burglar come to visit, it will be hard for them to find any weakness to exploit on your windows, which could save you money on repairs and replacing any stolen items.

How Can My Windows Save Me Money?

Increased Kerb Value

Although you may not be looking to move in the near future, brand new windows will help you drive a higher price for your property. Older windows which will take a lot of maintenance are not good selling points to a would-be buyer. By investing in a quality product, your property will become a more attractive prospect and help you get more for your home.

How Can My Windows Save Me Money?

Designed to Your Home

Investing in new windows for your home can give you a real sense that it is designed for your needs. In the past, windows previously only came in black or white. However, modern windows can be decorated in a range of colours and woodgrain foils. This will allow you to perfectly match and showcase your style to those visiting your home.

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