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Sculptured sash windows are ideal for any Gloucestershire homeowner looking to improve thermal performance but retain that attractive period property look, our sculptured sash windows feature outward opening sashes that stand proud and unique. They offer a beautiful look that is suited to both new and old homes alike, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on the quality on offer. Heritage-styled sculptured sash windows sit perfectly within any property, whether it be a contemporary apartment, a quaint rural cottage, and of course traditional period home. Their subtle design can transform buildings with a strong elegance, all while providing PAS24-approved security levels and comforting thermal performance year-round.

Unlike the traditional-styled windows they seek to replicate, our sculptured sash windows come from the engineering of low maintenance and highly flexible uPVC. This works well for modern homeowners and households due to how affordable it is by comparison, coupled with the material’s natural ability to resist harsh weather elements. The modern design of our sculptured sash windows enables them to achieve unrivalled standards of thermal efficiency, security, durability, weatherproofing, and appearance. With this, our sculptured sash windows are able to offer all of the timeless benefits of the classic uPVC window look with an updated design that helps to ensure you enjoy better standards of comfort and performance.

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Avaliable Options

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Thermally Efficient

Our sculptured sash windows are able to achieve an ‘A’ rated standard of thermal efficiency, keeping the warmth inside your home and the cold winds out. This increased degree of thermal efficiency not only secures a higher degree of home comfort, it also means that you could find yourself saving money on your heating costs across the course of the year too. With these windows you’ll be able to enjoy more value throughout.

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High Security

The sculptured sash windows that we offer are able to achieve an impressive degree of security, giving you the peace of mind that comes with a modern standard of protection. This is made possible by the intelligent combination of high performance locking systems, modern manufacturing techniques, and premium grade materials to keep security consistent across the whole frame.

All of our sculptured sash windows are manufactured under BS7412 and BS7413 to offer you a certified standard of quality and performance. Not only does this give you the peace of mind that comes with better design, it also stands as a demonstration of the fact that our windows are designed to suit the standards of the modern day. There is no reason to settle for anything less than cutting-edge.

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Beautiful Aesthetics

The sculptured sash windows design comprises a beautiful look that is easily tailored to suit a wide range of architectural styles and personal tastes. This is enhanced further with integrated gaskets that enable you to achieve impressive weatherproofing without compromising the look of the window. With this in place, you can rest assured that you’ll be investing in something that complements your home.

Choose from a wide range of beautiful colour options to help your windows reflect an essence of your personality. This includes a selection of woodgrain. Our woodgrain options are the ideal way for you to capture the look of traditional timber without any of the maintenance setbacks that normally accompany the material, allowing you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Our high performance sculptured sash windows would be incomplete without efficient glazing, which is why we ensure you get the right fit across the board. Choose from a wide range of styles and options to help you get the right amount of privacy and natural light allowance, suited to your needs and tastes to help you get the perfect fit. You are sure to get a complete window fit that suits you.


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