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Residence Collection Doors in Cheltenham & Gloucester

By offering the Residence Collection Doors to the Cheltenham & Gloucester homeowner, we will maintain the character and traditional characteristics of your home. We install the Residence 7 and Residence 9 designs, high-quality profiles that offer a range of 21st-century benefits to your property. We offer both the R7 & R9 designs, a high-quality profile that will provide a range of benefits to your property. Both door styles can be customised in a range of colours to suit your Gloucestershire home.

Residence 7

The Residence 7 Residence Collection Doors is designed with traditional mechanical joints to mimic the timber look. This is achieved with a mitre welding technique that fuses the joints together diagonally to provide a contemporary appearance. You can also opt for the Graf weld for a diagonal weld. This seven-chamber design will help make your Gloucestershire home stand out, with a range of colour finishes and door furniture available.

Residence 9

Our Residence 9 Residence Collection Doors are manufactured here in the UK and designed with British architecture in mind. Suited to a variety of homes, whether it be a Victorian property, or a new build, these doors provide the perfect blend of traditional look and innovative design. As we use modern materials, we can offer doors that will increase your homes thermal performance. The Gloucestershire homeowner won’t have to compromise on performance over character.

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Features & Benefits

Despite the fact our Residence Collection Doors are built with the look of timber, you’ll enjoy the benefits the modern profile offers. These doors can be double or triple glazed to achieve A++ energy ratings. Pockets of warm air will be trapped in your Gloucestershire home year-round.

Throughout the year, even in the cold months, our Residence Collection Doors will help maintain a comfortable temperature. This allows the Gloucestershire homeowner to rely less upon central heating to warm their property, leading to lower energy bills. With energy consumption reducing, so to will the carbon footprint of your property.

As with all our doors, security is something we take very seriously. With our Residence Collection Doors, you’ll benefit from a modern standard of protection. We offer doors fitted with multi-point locks installed across the frame.

You’ll enjoy the best protection for your Gloucestershire home. Weak spots are eliminated from the frame of our Residence Collection Doors and can’t be exploited. This offers you the complete peace of mind your property has protection from modern burglary methods.

By investing in our Residence Collection Doors, you’ll enjoy the authentic detailing of traditional timber doors. You can choose from some of the hardware that helped add to the character of timber doors. This includes Butt Hinges, handles and stays, letting you recreate the traditional feel of your door. These doors can also be fitted with sidelights (if it’s a French Door) and can operate as open-in or open-out doors.

If you choose High-Tech for our Residence Collection Doors, you’ll enjoy a door that truly offers the traditional wooden look. Compared to wood, however, these doors won’t offer the same high maintenance headaches. You’ll enjoy a traditional look with a modern performance.

When choosing a door, you need to be certain it matches your style and taste. That’s why the Gloucestershire homeowner can customise our Residence Collection Doors to fit their property. Whether you need a door to maintain the traditional look of your home, or want to add a traditional touch to a newer build, our team can accommodate a door to fit your needs.

With our Residence Collection Doors, you have the choice of 23 standard colours for the Residence 9 collection. For the Residence 7 collection, you can select from 20 colours. Handles can also be customised to fit your needs.

Although our doors look traditional, our Residence Collection Doors won’t provide the same high maintenance issues. The quality Residence profile continues to retain its quality, even after regular exposure to the changeable Gloucestershire weather. The door frame will not bow, warp, twist, crack, flake or discolour.

We offer doors that have the colour imbued into the material. This means the Gloucester homeowner will not need to repaint the door. The only maintenance our Residence Collection Doors require is an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth. This helps to maintain the good-as-new look.

Our team has more than 35-years experience providing home improvements across Gloucestershire. Through choosing our Residence Collection Doors, you’ll benefit from a quality product that is fitted to the highest standards. Both you and your property will be fully respected.

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