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Through investing in our uPVC windows for your Toddington home, you’ll enjoy all the benefits associated with the material. These windows do more than just look good when installed within your property, improving your Gloucestershire home’s heat and weatherproofing capabilities, as well as increasing the general security. Each of our windows is fitted with multi-point locking as standard, offering protection from modern burglary methods.

For homeowners looking to replace their existing timber, steel or even older uPVC windows. Unlike these products, the uPVC frames require far less maintenance. The frame will not warp, bow, twist, flake, crack or discolour. The only maintenance the Toddington homeowner has to carry out is to give the window an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to maintain the good-as-new look.

Double Glazing Windows Toddington

We Currently Install These uPVC Window Styles in Toddington

Our uPVC Casement Windows offer a customisable design to suit all Toddington homes. These uPVC windows can suit an array of properties, including both traditional and new builds. The frame can be decorated in a variety of colour and woodgrain foils.

As with all our uPVC windows, our casement windows will offer increased security, reduced energy bills, weatherproof design and without any high maintenance headaches. Through investing in our casement windows, you’ll invest in a 21st-century level performance for your property. You’ll also save yourself money on your energy bills.

For more traditional properties in Toddington, uPVC Flush Sash Windows offer a great way to maintain the character. One of two sash designs, this window sits flush within the frame to offer a clean look. This window is the ideal replacement for old timber or steel designs, offering the look of timber without the same high maintenance issues.

The Toddington homeowner can choose these uPVC windows in both Chamfered and Sculptured styles. This allows you to get the perfect fit for your property. Not just limited to old builds, the sash design is a great way of adding character to a newer property.

One of the most versatile uPVC windows we install in properties across Toddington, the Tilt & Turn Window opens in two different ways. You can open these windows from top to bottom or from the side. Through doing this,  you can enjoy excellent levels of ventilation without putting the general security of your property at risk.

For homeowners that live in central Toddington the tilt & turn design is ideal. The panes tilt inwards, allowing for easy cleaning within the property. If required, these uPVC windows can also be used as a fire escape.

The second of two sash uPVC windows, sliding sash windows boast a look that has been loved for centuries. The traditional vertical sliding mechanism removes the need for inswinging windows, making it perfect at homes where space is limited. This design utilises the 19th-century looks but offers a 21st-century performance.

Despite looking like traditional timber windows, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of modern uPVC windows. Even after constant exposure to the elements, the frame will not warp, bow, rot, twist, flake or discolour. The only maintenance required is for an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to maintain the good-as-new look.

Each of our uPVC windows is built to the highest standard. Our windows hold the BS7412 and BS7413 accreditations. This gives the Toddington homeowner complete peace of mind they’re only getting the best for their property.

Through choosing our uPVC windows, you won’t be plagued with high maintenance headaches. Each door is fitted with weatherseals across the design, preventing cold draughts and damp from compromising the comfort of your home. Even after regular exposure to the elements, the door will continue to retain its quality.

The multi-chambered design of our uPVC windows is designed to reduce your energy bills. Pockets of warm air will be trapped behind the panes of double glazing year-round. This means your Gloucestershire home will stay warmer for longer, leading to less reliance upon your energy bills for warmth. As your energy consumption lessens, so to will the general carbon footprint of your property.

Quality Guaranteed

When the Toddington homeowner purchases our uPVC windows for their home, they will have complete peace of mind they are built to last. Each of our windows is covered by a guarantee of 10-years on all parts and labour. This guarantee is insurance covered, so if we cease trading, the guarantee will remain in place. Each of our windows is Certass certified, allowing you to rest easy knowing you are only dealing with professionals, and you’ll receive a Certass certificate once the work is complete.

uPVC Window Payment Options

For homeowners that need assistance funding their uPVC windows, High-Tech offers three finance options. They are:
  • Low Monthly Payments starting at just 4.9% APR
  • Interest-Free Credit for a period of 2 or 3 years
  • Buy Now Pay later so if you aren’t in a financial position to afford your project, you can pay for your goods in 12 months.

uPVC Window Prices Toddington

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