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At High Tech, we are proud to offer homeowners in Tewkesbury a stunning range of high-performance conservatory roofs that are built to withstand the harsh elements and offer exceptional performance values. Our team of experts will fit the industry-leading Ultraframe profile for homeowners across Tewkesbury in a variety of styles.

The three distinct replacement roof styles that we can offer are the Glass Conservatory Roof, Solid Conservatory Roof, and the Tiled Conservatory Roof. Each of these roofs offers a range of incredible features that guarantee longevity for the Tewkesbury homeowner for many years to come.

Here is our range of conservatory roofs

The Performance Glass conservatory roof is the classic tried and tested option that has been used across Tewkesbury for more than 30-years. These conservatory roofs offer a range of different benefits and come with a range of different glass options. This means you can get a replacement roof that perfectly fits all your needs and requirements.

One of our glass conservatory roofs is a great way to make the most of the beautiful Tewkesbury weather. You’ll be able to enjoy the gorgeous Gloucestershire sunshine from the comfort of indoors year-round, even in the cold winter months. At night, you’ll be able to make the most of star-watching. By having a design mainly of glass, you can create a real sunroom that can be enjoyed in the warmer seasons.

The Solid Conservatory Roof combines both the solid and glass conservatory roof designs, giving your conservatory the feeling of an extension. As with several of our conservatory roofs, the solid design can be fitted onto new conservatories and existing designs. The solid panels are constructed with insulated composite external panels and slab insulation. This will trap in warm air in the cold winter months, so you can enjoy your extension throughout the year, not just the warm summer months.

Our solid conservatory roofs stand out as they can brighten up your Tewkesbury conservatory. Glazed panels can be incorporated into the design, letting you flood your home. Internally, you can have a vaulted or suspended ceiling, letting you keep the drama of a conservatory or treat your extension like another part of the house.

A tiled conservatory roof is a perfect way to add character to your Tewkesbury home. These designs are lightweight and offer a much more thermally efficient solution compared to glass or polycarbonate. Unlike these designs, our tiled conservatory roofs will make your extension into a year you can enjoy throughout the year, even in the cold winter months.

Like the solid design, the tiled replacement roof is retro-fit and can be installed onto existing frames. All measurement and cutting of our tiled conservatory roofs are carried out off-site, creating minimal disruption to the Tewkesbury homeowner. This design is also built to modern Building Regulations to provide you with the peace of mind that you’re receiving the best.

To ensure you get the best design for your home, we put the homeowner in complete control. Our tiled conservatory roofs can be customised to fit every type of Gloucestershire property. Optional Velux windows can be incorporated within the design, lighting up your extension. The homeowner can also opt for several tile colours, super-insulated columns and a curved cornice to get a truly bespoke extension.

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Quality Guaranteed

All our conservatory roofs are backed with a comprehensive 10-year insurance-backed guarantee. This covers all the parts and labour of your roof, so if anything goes wrong within that time, our team will fix it. The guarantee is covered by the Independent Warranty Association, so if we cease training, you’ll still be covered.

Replacement Roof Payment Options

We provide the Tewkesbury homeowner with three affordable payment options for our conservatory roofs. They include:

Conservatory Roof Prices Tewkesbury

If you’d like to discuss a conservatory roof for your Tewkesbury home, get in touch. You can call us on 01452 857 057 or fill out our online contact form and one of our team will contact you.

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For those who would rather see our conservatory roofs face-to-face, visit our showroom. We are currently based at Staverton Technology Park, Gloucester Road, Stroud.

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