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At High Tech, we are proud to offer homeowners in Tewkesbury a full range of modern and traditional style composite doors. Choosing to upgrade the entryway to your home with one of our composite doors will guarantee improved thermal efficiency, high levels of home security, and weather protection. Gone are the days of having to compromise style over substance, with our composite doors homeowners in Tewkesbury will even the best of both worlds.

Every door that we manufacture is available in a range of styles. We believe that it’s important for our customers to celebrate their style, especially when it comes to making home improvements. That’s why we put you in the driver’s seat when it comes to the final design of your new composite door. Tewkesbury customers can choose to include double glazing panes within their new entrance and can opt for either a colour or woodgrain finish.

The versatile and practical design of our composite doors means that Tewkesbury homeowners will enjoy a new front door that seamlessly blends with the style of their property. Our composite doors will complement any style of existing architecture, whether you own a modern, heritage, or period property, our team will install the perfect replacement door for you.

Our doors provide impressive levels of weather protection, meaning the changeable Tewkesbury weather won’t compromise the comfort of your home. With our professional installation ensuring that the elements are well and truly kept at bay, your home will become a haven, regardless of the weather outside.

Here are some of the benefits of our Composite Doors.

When purchasing a new composite door for your Tewkesbury home, you need to be certain that it will increase the security of your property. A door should be the best protection for your family against whatever the outside world throws at it.

We fit intricate multi-point locks across the whole of the composite door frame. Along with an optional double glazing pane, we can put your home in a strong position against modern burglary techniques.

This door will offer an exceptional level of weather protection to your Tewkesbury home. Unlike doors made from timber, you won’t have to worry about a product that warps, rots, flakes, cracks, or twists out of shape after exposure to the elements.

We rate our composite doors so highly and think they are exceptional and worthy of note.

A new composite door should play a part in improving the thermal efficiency of your Tewkesbury home. We use the best of multiple materials, which work to keep heat in your home for longer.

The foam core of the door traps heat in your home, providing a barrier against cold air getting in and warm air getting out.

Along with vacuum-sealed double glazing, you can start to rely less on your central heating to stay warm. Through this, your energy bills will lessen, reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

The success of our composite doors is one of the reasons why High-Tech is so popular with the Tewkesbury homeowner. Our composite doors can save you money on your energy bills, so you can spend it elsewhere.

When you purchase a new composite door for your Tewkesbury home, you want to be certain that it fits in with your style and tastes. Your composite door will be the first thing people see when visiting your property, so it has to set the right first impression. We offer our composite door in a variety of different colours and finishes. We offer several different hardware modifications, letting you pick the best letterbox and handle for the door.

Whether you want a specific colour design or you want a decorative glazing panel, we will be happy to meet your needs.

Quality Guaranteed

When buying a new double glazing product, whether it be a Composite Door or another product, you want it to provide your Tewkesbury home with many years of service. We echo this sentiment, which is why we issue our customers a 10-year guarantee on parts and labour in all our windows and conservatories. This guarantee is covered by insurance, so if we cease trading, your guarantee will remain valid. Our insurance policies are administered by the Independent Warranty Association.

Composite Door Payment Options

A new home improvement project for your Tewkesbury home can be quite costly. That’s why we offer three different payment options to our customers. They are:

Composite Door Prices Tewkesbury

If you are thinking of upgrading your Tewkesbury home through the installation of a new Composite Door or another double glazing product, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team can be contacted on 01452 857 057 or you can fill out our online contact form and one of our team will contact you.

If you already know what style of Composite Door you want for your Tewkesbury property, then you can fill out our online quote. This bespoke quote will give you a rough estimate of how much our services will cost you with no obligation to book.

For those who would rather see our double glazing product range face-to-face, then why not visit our showroom. We are currently based at Staverton Technology Park, Gloucester Road, Stroud.

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