Why Bother with a New Conservatory Roof?

When you think of a conservatory or house extension, chances are you wouldn’t be able to name what is the most important part; the roof. A conservatory roof allows for the natural Swindon sunshine to flood into your conservatory or extension without making it unbearably hot, allowing you to enjoy this space throughout the year. Whether you choose to add the perfect finishing touch to your extension or you’ve moved and want to enhance the existing conservatory, our conservatory roofs will not only improve the value of your Wiltshire home but they’ll make it more thermally efficient. With more than 30-years of experience in installing conservatory roofs, our team will ensure that you’ll get the best conservatory roof for your extension. Our conservatory roof range includes the Solid Conservatory Roof and the Tiled Conservatory Roof, both of which come with a 10-year guarantee. Both roofs are created with the finest available materials and offered at an affordable price, looking so good it will increase the value of your Swindon home.

Here's Some More Information About Our Range of Conservatory Roofs:

The Solid Conservatory Roof gives the Swindon homeowner an extension they can enjoy year-round, even during the cold winter months.  We use the Livinroof system, which combines solid and glazed roof panels to give your conservatory the feel of a real extension. Whether you choose this roof for a new or existing conservatory, your property will be enhanced.

Warming Your Property

The solid roof is manufactured with insulated composite external panels and Kingspan slab insulation. Both work together to improve the temperature within your extension, trapping in warm heat so it remains at a comfortable temperature for longer. You won’t need to worry about using more central heating to heat this space. If anything, your extension will save you money on your energy bills as you rely less on the heating for warmth, thus reducing your Wiltshire home’s carbon footprint.

Customisable Design

Although the roof is solid, you can still customise the roof to your tastes. Glazed panels can be incorporated into the roof, letting you light up your conservatory or extension. The solid roof suits any property type and fits a variety of conservatory styles such as Georgian, P-Shaped and Gable. Because of its intelligent design, the roof can be installed quickly at any Swindon home without compromising on quality.

Weatherproofing Your Extension

One thing that sets our conservatory roofs out from the rest is the fact it is designed to specifically handle the weather and snow loads in your Swindon home. The roof combines super-strong eaves beam with a ridged valley and jack rafter, allowing this roof to achieve a stand-out standard of structural integrity.

If you want a more classic option that blends perfectly into the architecture of your Swindon home, why not consider the Tiled Conservatory Roof. This roofing system is ideal for north or south facing conservatories. The lightweight tiled system creates a more thermally efficient space than traditional glass or polycarbonate roofing.

A Year-Round Space

Our installation team fit the Building Regulations-approved Ultraroof design that will make your conservatory or extension a space you can enjoy throughout the year, letting you regulate the temperature whatever the season.  The 380mm structural beam and lack of cold bridging in the design allow for this. The Swindon homeowner won’t have to worry about using extra central heating to heat their extension. Instead, the opposite will happen, and you’ll rely less on your central heating, saving you money on your energy bills and reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

A Tiled Conservatory Roof Suited to You

This roof system is customisable, with the Swindon homeowner able to fit roof vents of glass panels within the system. Super-insulated columns and a curved cornice are some of the other upgrades that can be added. To give you the right conservatory roof for your home, we offer the tiles in a variety of colours. We offer Terra Brick, Harvest Brown or Carbon Grey, each complementing your home.

Quality Guaranteed

When buying a new double glazing product for your Swindon home, whether it be a conservatory roof or other product, you want it to be long-lasting. We echo this sentiment, which is why we issue our customers with a 10-year guarantee on parts and labour in all our windows and conservatories. This guarantee is covered by insurance, so if we cease trading, your guarantee will remain valid. Our insurance policies are administered by the Independent Warranty Association.

Payment Options

We appreciate that any improvements to your Wiltshire home can be quite costly. That’s why we offer three different payment options to our customers. They are:

Conservatory Roof Prices Swindon

If you would like to upgrade your Swindon home through the installation of a new conservatory roof or another double glazing product, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team can be contacted on 01452 857 057 or you can fill out our online contact form and one of our team will contact you. If you already know what style conservatory roof you want for your property, then you can fill out our online quote. This bespoke quote will give you a rough estimate of how much our services will cost you with no obligation to book. For those who would rather see our double glazing product range face-to-face, then why not visit our showroom. We are currently based at Staverton Technology Park, Gloucester Road, Stroud.

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