Why Install a Composite Door in my Cheltenham Home?

Composite Doors are the most popular choice as an external door for good reason, and our range combines the beauty of natural wood-grain designs with the practicality and benefits of modern composite materials. Whatever property type you live in, our doors will fit, and they are designed to last for years and be able to withstand the very worst of Cheltenham’s weather.

Composite doors are crafted to provide more benefits than just looking aesthetically pleasing. At High-tech, we use the latest double glazing to help make your home more secure and thermally efficient.

Composite Doors Cheltenham

Here are just some of the benefits of buying one of High-Tech’s premium-quality doors:

Maximum Security

The most important aspect to consider when purchasing a new door is the level of security it can bring to your home. When manufacturing our composite doors, we add intricate multi-point locking mechanisms and durable double glazing to keep your home safe from unwanted visitors. The doors are designed to keep you and your family protected from the adverse effects of the Cheltenham weather and able to withstand wind, rain and snow. We consider the level of protection our composite doors provide to be exceptional and worthy of note.


Thermally Efficient

Thermal efficiency can be obtained through more than just your windows. Your door is vital in warming your property and an ill-fitted or poorly-designed product can make it prone to the cold and let draughts in. Our composite doors are crafted from the best multiple materials, helping to keep the heat in your household.

By trapping heat behind the vacuum-sealed double glazing and preventing the cold air from penetrating your home with tight seals, our composite doors illustrate why High-Tech are so popular in Cheltenham when it comes to home improvements. A warmer home means a more cost-effective one, as natural warmth reduces your reliance on central heating.

Work to Your Designs

You want  your Cheltenham home to be the best reflection of your style, and our composite doors provide the perfect entrance to your humble abode. We have a variety of colours to choose from so that you can match your new door with your home, and several hardware modifications that offer plenty of options.

Whether you want a specific colour, design, or you want a decorative glazing panel, we will be happy to meet your needs.

Composite Doors Cheltenham

Our Guarantee for New Composite Doors

We believe that providing a lasting quality product is key, which is why we issue a 10-year guarantee on parts and labour in all our windows, doors and conservatories. This guarantee is covered by insurance, so if we ceased trading, your guarantee would remain the same. Our insurance policies are administered by the Independent Warranty Association (IWA).

Finance Packages for Your New Composite Door

We appreciate that any modification to your Cheltenham home can be quite expensive. That’s why we offer three different payment options to our customers. They are:

Composite Doors Cheltenham

Composite Door Prices Cheltenham

If you want to improve your home through the installation of a new Composite Door or would like another uPVC or double glazing product installed in your Cheltenham home, then get in contact with us today. Our team can be contacted at 01452 857 057 or you can fill your details into our contact form and one of our team will call you asap.

If you know what style of Composite Door you want for your property, then you can get an instant online quote. This bespoke quote will give you a rough estimate of how much our services will cost you, with no obligation to book.

For those who would rather see our product range face-to-face then why not visit our showroom. We are currently based at Staverton Technology Park, Gloucester Road, Cheltenham.

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