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Sliding effortlessly on smooth opening tracks, our aluminium bifold doors fold neatly back on themselves to create a wide open aperture to allow for a smooth, seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. This creates a gorgeous connection from your Prestbury home to your garden, and allows for a great flow when using either space. And when closed, you’ll still enjoy these benefits thanks to the ultra narrow aluminium frames allowing for near unbroken views out.

Aluminium bifold doors are often regarded as a premium or luxury product, because of the elegance they bring, and the high performance that they provide your Prestbury home with. All of our aluminium bifold doors are manufactured using only the highest quality construction materials, including thick and insulating double glazing, and are highly customisable, allowing them to suit any type or style of property.

Aluminium Bifold Doors Prices

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Avaliable Options

aluminium bifold doors prestbury

Strong and Durable Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium is as strong as steel, but far more lightweight and flexible. This makes it the perfect material to make our bifold doors from, as it allows for narrow frames and large panes of double glazing – everything you could want in a set of bifold doors! The strength of our aluminium bifold doors is further enhanced by the double glazing, as this is a seriously strong and sturdy material in its own right!

These materials aren’t just super strong though, they’re also highly durable, and can handle pretty much anything that the outside world has to throw at them. From the changeable Prestbury weather to would-be intruders, nothing’s going to get past our aluminium bifold doors!

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Low Maintenance Aluminium Bifold Doors

We finish our aluminium bifold doors with a powder coating, which lends a stunning finish to the frames. But it also makes the frames resistant to stains and scratches, keeping them looking fabulous for longer!

Aluminium as a material already boasts exceptional longevity, but with this powder coating, it’s taken even further, and you’ll be enjoying your new aluminium bifold doors for decades.

And unlike many other materials used in home improvements, you won’t need to spend ages on the maintenance to achieve this longevity! All these frames need is the odd wipe with a damp cloth to keep them looking fresh as a daisy!

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Bespoke Aluminium Bifold Doors

Every Prestbury home is different, and has different needs in terms of style and design. That’s why we make every single set of our aluminium bifold doors to measure, ensuring the perfect fit for your Prestbury home. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of colour, finish and foil options too, to ensure that they complement the style of the rest of your Prestbury home.

We can also provide low threshold options to accommodate different accessibility needs, such as for wheelchair users, pushchairs, those with mobility difficulties, or even small garden pets.

And if that wasn’t enough to satisfy your inner home designer, you’ll also be able to customise the hardware, accessories and glazing!

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Environmentally Friendly Aluminium Bifold Doors

Aluminium is one of the most eco-friendly construction materials available on the market today. Because it’s highly abundant and super lightweight, it’s a dream to work with, and doesn’t cause havoc for the environment. Even better still, it’s infinitely recyclable with incredible longevity, so it’ll last a long time before it wears out, and even then it can be recycled into something new! In fact it’s so good that more than three quarters of all the aluminium produced in the last 100 years is still in use today!

And that’s not even where the environmental benefits that our aluminium bifold doors could bring to your Prestbury home end! Thanks to our double glazing, which is a standard component of every set of our bifold doors, they boast better thermal efficiency than many alternatives.

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Aluminium Bifold Door Prices Prestbury

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